JESS Cooper

25 | She/her/hers

NYCA Team Lead 

Jess is a young mother, dancer, musician, community organizer, and an avid environmental advocate. She has centered her work around organizing youth in western Maine. Her focus is on projects that help create thriving environments for current and future generations to live, work, and play in.


Jess is driven by strengthening connections in her community and throughout the state, and carries out this work through the Center for an Ecology-based Economy (CEBE) in Norway, ME where she is the youth coordinator for Norway Youth Climate Action.


She took up climate action advocacy after becoming a member of two key climate action coalitions in Maine; Maine Youth for Climate Justice (MYCJ) and Maine Climate Action NOW! (MCAN).

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My Story

My debut of climate action was at the 2019 Global climate strike where I sang, danced, and spoke at the strike in downtown Norway. 

Last March I spoke at OHCHS to over 300 people at the kick-off of CEBE's 3-day climate convergence: 2020 Vision. Climate author and co-founder Bill McKibben spoke right after me!

After the climate convergence, I joined @mycj_coalition Maine Youth for Climate Justice, and started working in CEBE's climate action group. I also became a member of @meclimateaction MCAN!.

When I'm not organizing for climate coalitions, I'm busy dancing for @nevaehdancecircus, singing in a band, Ragtime Rebellion, hiking all of the mountains in western ME, farming, and of course, fostering climate awareness in my young daughter!


I'm always looking to meet new people, connect, and network - let's chat!




20 | She/her/hers

NYCA team co-lead & art director

@alphanumrixx @earthyartworks

Maddy is a climate activist and artist from Cape Cod, MA.


She uses her art as a way to speak out and make an impact when it comes to advocating for climate justice. 

She is a core member of Maine Youth For Climate Justice, a communications co-coordinator for 350 Maine, creative director of ME Strikes, and a working group member of Maine Climate Action Now. She also has recently started collaborating with the Endangered Species Coalition. 

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My Story

My climate journey started my senior year of high school when I skipped school to attend my first climate strike in Augusta outside of the state house.


Since then I have given speeches and rallied at climate strikes in Norway, ME, hosted and attended workshops, connected with youth around the state, spoke with legislators, and worked on climate education in the state of Maine.


I really got involved in Climate Action when I attended the 2020 climate convergence in Norway. This is where I met the members of MYCJ, I hosted my first zero waste workshop, and even got to sit down and talk with Bill McKibben and other activists for breakfast.


When I'm not organizing I am creating lifelike portraits of endangered species that were once trapped in captivity and redrawing them in the wild, dancing for NEVEAH Dance circus, and working as a barista in Cafe Nomad on Main Street Norway!



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