As a team we are working on several climate related issues/projects both in the western foothills and in other places in Maine.


Check out what we are doing and let us know if you're interested in working on any of them with us!

(Adult allies are welcome to reach out as well )

COMMUNITY Meet and Greets

One of our goals is to build a large team of youth from western Maine. Taking that goal a step further, we want to build up our community. Getting to talk one-on-one with people in your community is one of the best ways to network, learn about what's going on, and see how you can make a difference. 

Who is the Town Manager in your town and what do they do? Who are the folks who make decisions in your town on the select board or town council? The local small business owners? The teachers you might not have talked to at your school? The local newspaper editors? There are so many people to meet.

All of these folks make up our local community, contribute to it's well being, and are almost always interested in connecting with and hearing what young people are doing and what they want!

Reach out to learn more about how we are connecting young people to these amazing adult allies in our communities.

Crowd with Masks


How can we treat the climate crisis as what it is if we don't acknowledge it? 

Declaring a climate emergency with resolves to actively prevent/do something about the effects of climate change in our area is one of the best ways to acknowledge what is happening. 

Several youth organizations around the state have successfully brought climate emergency resolutions to their town councils and passed them - and we hope to be next. 

Interested in what this takes and want to be a part of this campaign? We need youth voices! Give us a shout if you'd be willing to write a letter, testify at the town council, or participate in any other actions to get this passed in our town.

Illustrated Mountains


In early 2021 Scott Vlaun from the Center for an Ecology-based Economy (CEBE) pitched an idea for a Norway Climate Council at a special select board meeting. 

After several working group members from CEBE's energy working group created a roadmap document designed for helping our town become significantly more sustainable by 2030, they brought it to the town. 

To be able to reach these 2030 goals successfully, a town needs a climate council, or some kind of a group of folks that are dedicated on their council to implementing the ideas and seeing the roadmap through. 

We want to make sure there are youth voices on this council if/when it becomes a reality. 

Interested in having your ideas, concerns, and efforts heard out by the town? Let's start brainstorming and discussing together what this youth role would look like!



It's alarming (but often unsurprising) when we see adults in the news denying the climate crisis, but, to us... it's dangerous when there are teachers that teach their students that climate change and the climate crisis don't exist. 

The excuse that young people can't handle knowing about the climate emergency is no longer an acceptable answer to young people that are actively fighting for climate justice and livable futures. What we won't be able to handle, if unprepared and uneducated, are the effects of climate change when they eventually fall on our generations to deal with. 


There are organizations and folks in Maine that are working to spruce up/require climate curriculum, and through MCAN! (a coalition our team leads are members of) we are working on a Maine specific climate science database as well as a climate justice curriculum for both students and teachers. 

If you'd like to help advocate for more climate education and climate justice in your school, reach out!

Pile of Books


The Pine Tree Amendment is an amazing piece of incoming legislation that could have a huge impact on all of our futures! 

Did you know the way our constitution in Maine is written we don't automatically have the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment?? 

We were pretty shocked when we realized this, upon hearing Maya Van Rossum - the Delaware Riverkeeper and Pennsylvania Lawyer - present to us about how she has been campaigning to get a green amendment in every state in the U.S. that guarantees us these rights.

This amendment to our constitution would hold people on every level of decision-making accountable for their actions BEFORE they begin a project with potentially harmful impacts to our air, water, environment, and our futures here in Maine. 

Learn more here and ask us how you can attending a training, help us spread awareness, and pass this amendment!